About Us

GOP Logo1 The online publishing company offers with the technical online magazine developmentscout and the online travel guide Florida-Scout two as equally different as similar publications: differently in the sense of the topic, similar concerning the gainful processing of information for the users. Equally relating to the platform creation for advertisers who are searching for a useful media presence. While the technical magazine operates in the environment of the industrial research and development, the travel guide turns to the mainstream topic vacation.
developmentscout logo wirueberuns neu developmentscout was founded on the 1st of July, 2010 and has well established themselves in the German technical magazine scenery, which is might be unique worldwide. Numerous customers of the German capital goods industry trust in our competent, reliable, flexible and creative work and place on the Internet as an advertising media. In the future we would like to inspire and to win for a coorperation the American companies who would like to gain a foothold in the German market for the developmentscout.
Floridascout Logo1 The Florida-Scout should bring Florida vacationers, tourists or emigrants together with local advertiser of the tourism branch and regional providers on site.
With self investigated and written articles and specifically recorded movies the online-travel guide receives his quite personal mark. Beyond the capabilities of print travel guides we use the modern tools which the medium Internet offers.
PSB Logo1 We closely work together with the Presse Service Büro and therefore we can offer the complete service around public relations: from the research up to the publication – everything from a single source. This service permits a specific media work especially for small companies without own press department.

The PC is the best tool which the mankind ever had.

Bill Gates

The markets of this world are innovative, global and develop rapidly. Who does not keep pace, loses. The most current information platform is the Internet. Only online we can inform in realtime about new products, systems and technologies and we are able to inform ourselves. Only online the whole world can do this at the same time. The Internet reaches such a big target group like no other printed technical magazine.