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Florida-Scout is an online travel guide for tourists, vacationers and emigrants. It reports with the help of the Google translator into more than 50 languages about activities, places of interest, dining – all this for an unforgettable vacation in Florida.

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The articles in this free registration webpage are investigated and written by us. The different travel information are networked with an easy navigation within the webpage and through linking you can get furthermore information. The travelguide should serve Florida newcomers as well as Florida fans for the preparation on the vacation and during their stay. It offers comprehensive information about cities, activities, accomodations, local habits, dining, round trips and much more. 

Florida-Scout TV

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In our movies we show you where the most beautiful spots are in Florida: With the goal that at the end of our enthusiasm for the places, places of interest, great natural spectacles and quite simply the joy of life jumps over you. We let locals get a chance to speak and introduce their homeland – in own direction and own cut.


Immigration, Health and Traffic


Here you will find everything what you must know about immigration, health, climate, traffic and other circumstances.


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Florido AngelnThe Florida-Scout is currently being built. Please check again soon and convince yourselves of the progress.

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With Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram we reach a multiple distribution of the information.

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Climate in Florida


best travel time for active vacationers: November to April
best travel time for sandpipers: May to October
best travel time for sun worshippers: always

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